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With love for games,
I redesigned steam.


Self-initiated learning

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Okay here is the deal, the year was 2003 and Valve corporation released Steam. It was revolutionary - a one-stop store for everything gaming. It still is relevant 20 years later and one of the most used platforms in the world.

While I was using it recently, I asked myself how would I do steam in 2023? Steam felt outdated and a lot of people I spoke to agreed. I wanted to give it a UI overhaul.

Steam screenshot.png

Dear steam, this is 2023.

Remember we love you. But we can do better - look at your competition.


The game listing page - Highest influence on the purchase decision

Step 1: We do some research.


To understand the types of gamers and how they make decisions.


Step 2: Understanding the purchase decision

The process of making the purchase decision changes drastically between the different personas.

Hardcore gamer: Explores and finds games from the store and community.

Free-to-player: Discounts and value for money

Review junkie: The decision is already made through reviews

The questions and anxiety in making the purchase can be classified into

Three big questions

Games purchasing decision.png

Step 3: Helping them make the purchase

The game

Step 4: Presenting you the final design

The new experience

Cinematic slideshow when no action taken for some time

and that is how the game page answers the questions and 

influence the purchase decision.

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