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Bounce campaign


Bounce is a last-mile transport startup based in Bangalore, India and one of the first Indian startups in this sector. We devised a guerilla marketing campaign to increase visibility and build the brand.

Done for:

Proposal to Bounce

Group 6.png
Slide 4_3 - 5.png

This campaign takes the marketing right to the problem the startup is trying to solve is and stays true to its core as a brand,

The Seamless transport.

What happened next:

They called.

We started planning.

Was also offered an internship which I declined to work on this instead.

Bus routes with major IT parks were mapped out (Phase 1) which would have really high visibility and conversion.

Major bus stops have been mapped to strategically place Bounce vehicles for immediate brand recall.


But before execution, the pandemic had turned life upside down for all of us and the company. The campaign ended up in the idea bin and never saw the light of day. A sad affair indeed.

My key takeaway from this was:

Sometimes the interesting answers are inside the box (or a bus) if you know how to look for it.

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