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Hacking with Design,
a dating app

Briefly speaking,

That was a representation of my social life

The landscape

  • Picture first app - Attractiveness played a major role.

  • Huge gender disparity. 3: 1 Globally India must be much higher.

  • High on rejection due to Gamified approach.

More on this here. I did a thing.

Hacking begin with research.

Gathered a bunch of people and hosted a swiping party.

Key insight:

People don't read bios.

and they go on a swiping spree - thanks to tinder's highly gamified swiping mechanism.

So let's take the bio to them.

We just need to snap them out of the swiping spree.


I even tried to nudge people to read the bio. Lame in retrospect. But anything for science.


I made myself,
an elevator pitch!

It worked!


Just like that, the next phase in my life began

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