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Good design doesn't need to be invisible

Good design doesn't need to be invisible

Let's make memorable experiences.

Design philosophy.

I believe everyone deserves three things:

To be loved.

With great love, comes great empathy.

To be pampered.

Make them feel special and their lives delightful.

To be challenged.

Make them expand their views and themselves.

A designer's commitment is not just to the user - it's to all the stakeholders. 


Things I worked on
Projects and studies

It's steam but 2022.

Thank you steam but really can you please put in some effort? A redesign effort.


A mac display as gaming  app mockup. Such blasphemy, I know.

This button will work soon
Slide 16_9 - 10.png

Making a digital health record system for a highly fragmented Indian system.

Work at Farmako

Simple redesign.
25 times more leads.


Improved sign-up completion from
2.5% to >70% by reducing friction.

Reduced design and
Dev time massively.

Initiating, setting up a design system, Design-Dev workshops, etc

Same color was defined 23 different times in the code base. *Sigh*

2022-11-14 00_56_39-Settings.png

If our world was a simulation, how will the app to control the simulation look like?

A design fiction.

In a platform where the pictures decide the matches, can we hack the system to get more matches?

A campaign for the last mile transport startup Bounce

Something that
SOUNDS important.

Run it past the boss jump right in and banzai attack will they won't they its all greek to me unless they bother until the end of time maybe vis a vis too many cooks over the line. We need to aspirationalise our offerings on-brand but completeley fresh. Land the plane we need distributors to evangelize the new line to local markets, yet increase the pipelines so make it a priority, yet flesh that out. I just wanted to give you a heads-up that's mint, well done what's the status on the deliverables for eow?, closer to the metal nor we need to get the vernacular right we need evergreen content so can you put it on my calendar?.

You did not read this though, did you?

This is office ipsum.

One of my favourite lorem ipsum alternatives.

worked with

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