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Good design doesn't need to be invisible

Good design doesn't need to be invisible

Let's make memorable experiences.

Design philosophy.

I believe everyone deserves three things:

To be loved.

With great love, comes great empathy.

To be pampered.

Make them feel special and their lives delightful.

To be challenged.

Make them expand their views and themselves.

A designer's commitment is not just to the user - it's to all the stakeholders. 


Things I worked on
Projects and studies

Website for a car with much personality

Slide 16_9 - 10.png

Making a digital health record system for a highly fragmented Indian system.

Work at Farmako

Simple redesign.
25 times more leads.


Improved sign-up completion from
2.5% to >70% by reducing friction.

Reduced design and
Dev time significantly.

Initiating, setting up a design system, Design-Dev workshops, etc

Same color was defined 23 different times in the code base. *Sigh*

2022-11-14 00_56_39-Settings.png

If our world was a simulation, how will the app to control the simulation look like?

A design fiction.

In a platform where the pictures decide the matches, can we hack the system to get more matches?

A campaign for the last mile transport startup Bounce

Home page.png

Building confident purchase decisions

in a game marketplace

2023-09-05 09_51_30-Bookmyshow — More than just a ticketing app _ by Arun Koushik _ Aug, 2

Arun's Hot Takes!

SEO made the internet useful but in the process made the internet boring.

The pineapple on pizza hate exists because of people's inability to imagine. There I said it. Long live Hawaii.

We are all just poorly made universe soup.

worked with

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